How to handle bulky objects during moving

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Moving large objects can be difficult because of their weight, size, or volume. Some of the most difficult items to move are a piano, refrigerator, or piece of furniture.

It can be difficult during Residential Moving to move these items, especially in small apartments or urban areas. Some items have been assembled or built inside the home and have never been moved. They are difficult to move.

We must remember that many moving companies have extensive experience and the right equipment to handle this type of object. It is possible to move any object using the most effective moving techniques and equipment.

Handling large volumes or heavy objects requires a team with the best techniques. Special trucks, cranes, pulleys, and disassembly equipment are needed. Special objects are a delicate service that requires extra attention.

Some objects are fragile, even though they may be heavy or bulky. is a set of steps that must be taken before and during the transfer. Let’s take a look at what it takes to successfully move bulky objects simply and efficiently.

Large volume objects: preparation

To determine the resistance of bulky objects to being moved, it is necessary to evaluate their internal and exterior structure. We must also evaluate their mobility and the possibility of being split into modules.

Some furniture, cabinets, and equipment can appear very bulky from the outside, but can easily be disassembled into smaller pieces. Some objects can be broken down without compromising their integrity or structure for transport.

To ensure that the object is safe and secure, it is important to inspect the exterior and interior structures. We must also assess the technical requirements of the transfer. It is best to consult the experts.

Special protective actions are required if the object has moving parts or requires special surface protection. It is also important to consider whether the object can be moved in different places or needs special external conditions. This preparation will make it easier to plan and execute the move efficiently and comfortably.

Some special items

Some objects are most frequently moved despite the sheer volume of large objects. These are the heavy objects that receive the most transfer requests.


Specialized companies are often asked to move pianos, which is a large object of high volume and heavyweight. Due to the fragile nature of their surfaces and loss of tuning during transportation, special care must always be taken.

These are fragile objects with moving parts and fine wood surfaces that are susceptible to scratching, dents, or irreparable damage. It is important to carefully package, protect, and mobilize them.

Furniture, sofas, and cabinets

Special mobilization strategies are required for large furniture items such as cabinets, sofas, chess sets, and shelves made from delicate materials. You can disassemble some of them to make them easier to handle. Some must be shipped as one piece and require special logistics.

Heavy equipment, including safes and refrigerators

Some objects have high structural weight which makes it difficult to move them. Special cranes, forklifts, and elevators are needed to transport them from their place to the truck.

These objects can be moved to their new homes by specialized companies that have the right equipment.

Art and other delicate objects with great dimension are works of art

Some objects require special care and protection, such as paintings, sculptures, and works of art. These objects have a high economic, historic or sentimental value and require special handling. Packaging, transport, and hauling must be done with extreme care.


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