Fast Track to Travel: Expedited Passport Renewal vs. Expedited New Passport Explained by April Ynclino

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When planning international travel, having a valid passport is essential. However, if you find yourself with an expired passport or need a new one urgently, you may consider expedited passport services to speed up the process. In this informative guide April Ynclino, we will compare expedited passport renewal and expedited new passport applications, helping you understand the differences and choose the best option for your travel needs.

Expedited Passport Renewal:

  1. Eligibility:
    • To be eligible for expedited passport renewal, your current passport must be undamaged, issued when you were 16 years or older, and issued within the last 15 years.
    • If you meet these criteria, you can opt for the expedited renewal process, which allows you to keep your existing passport number.
  2. Application Process:
    • To renew your passport, complete the DS-82 form, which is specifically for passport renewals.
    • Include your current passport, a recent passport photo, and the required fee.
    • Choose the expedited service option and provide a prepaid overnight envelope for return delivery.
    • Submit the application via mail to the appropriate address.
  3. Processing Time:
    • The expedited passport renewal process usually takes 4 to 6 weeks from the time of application submission.
    • However, with the expedited service, you can receive your renewed passport within 2 to 3 weeks, excluding mailing time.
  4. Cost:
    • The cost of expedited passport renewal includes the standard passport renewal fee plus an additional fee for the expedited service.
    • Check the official website of the U.S. Department of State for the most up-to-date fee information.

Expedited New Passport:

  1. Eligibility:
    • Expedited new passport applications are suitable for individuals who don’t meet the criteria for passport renewal or require a passport for the first time.
    • This includes individuals who are applying for their first adult passport, minors, or individuals whose previous passport was issued more than 15 years ago.
  2. Application Process:
    • To apply for an expedited new passport, complete the DS-11 form, which is the standard application form for new passports.
    • Provide appropriate proof of citizenship, identification documents, and a recent passport photo.
    • Choose the expedited service option and submit the application in person at a designated passport acceptance facility or a regional passport agency.
  3. Processing Time:
    • The processing time for expedited new passports can vary depending on the demand and the time of year.
    • Generally, you can expect to receive your expedited new passport within 2 to 3 weeks from the time of application submission.
  4. Cost:
    • The cost of an expedited new passport includes the standard application fee plus an additional fee for the expedited service.
    • Additionally, if you apply at a passport acceptance facility, there may be an execution fee.

Choosing the Right Option:

  1. Considerations:
    • If you meet the eligibility criteria for expedited passport renewal, this option may be more convenient and cost-effective.
    • If you are applying for a passport for the first time or don’t meet the renewal criteria, expedited new passport application is the way to go.
  2. Urgency:
    • If you have urgent travel plans within the next few weeks, expedited services for both renewal and new passport applications can help expedite the process.
  3. Additional Services:
    • Some expedited passport services offer additional features, such as document review, assistance with form completion, or access to customer support.
    • Consider these additional services when choosing an expedited passport service provider.


Whether you choose expedited passport renewal or expedited new passport application, both options provide a fast track to obtaining a valid passport for your travel needs. Evaluate your eligibility, urgency, and additional service requirements to determine the best option for you. Remember to gather all the necessary documents, complete the appropriate forms, and submit your application with the expedited service fee to ensure a smooth and efficient process. With your expedited passport in hand, you’ll be ready to embark on your travel adventures without delay.

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