BigCommerce SEO Experts for Startups: Top 5 Benefits of eCommerce SEO

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As an eCommerce startup, SEO and hiring a BigCommerce SEO expert is one the best marketing strategy you can employ especially when funding is an issue for a business built on the BigCommerce platform.

It’s easy to get caught up in marketing trends and end up spending a lot of money on marketing strategies that cost you more than the sales they generate.

Investing in the best eCommerce SEO services you can afford to reach your target audience is the best marketing decision you can make to get past the critical initial phase of a startup.

So before you run out of funds, here are the top reasons why you should outsource the SEO of your BigCommerce business now.

1. Traffic to your BigCommerce store
SEO (search engine optimization) can boost organic traffic to your online store. A quick Google search will tell you that there are a lot of companies that are succeeding because of their well-developed SEO campaigns.

Unfortunately, there are many still who are missing out on the benefits of SEO. Stat shows that nearly 1 in 4 business owners are not at all or only vaguely familiar with SEO and SEO best practices.

There are business owners who are choosing not to engage in SEO, whether it’s because of lack of understanding of its value, lack of time, budget, or skill is anyone’s guess.

eCommerce businesses, especially startups, need SEO. And the good news is that even though you may not know anything about SEO, there are SEO agencies you can outsource the job to.

A good BigCommerce SEO agency can design a comprehensive SEO plan for you that will include technical SEO, onsite, and offsite SEO strategies. All these will help drive visitors to your website and visitors are the key to keeping sales money rolling in your business.

2. Visibility and Brand Recognition
An SEO expert can help your BigCommerce store become more visible on search engines which will increase your brand recognition in the process.

Appearing on search results and ranking high on search engines are some of the things SEO can do for your business.

There are several ways SEO professionals can achieve this for you. They can:

● Write useful and relevant optimized content for search engines
● Improve the user experience (UX) of your website through clear navigations, organized data, and high page load speed, among others
● Fix your broken links
● Build backlinks for your website
● Optimize your store for local search
● Improving your site speed as needed
● Addressing areas in which your web design could be improved for UX
● And more!

As a business owner, you probably already know how important brand awareness is and how it can propel your business to success.

3. Save Money on Ads
Advertising is costly, and the last thing you want to do is spend all your cash on paid ads.

In eCommerce, paid ads are often in the form of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads or sponsored ads you usually see on the top of Google’s search results page, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Each time people click on these ads, you pay the specific platform a small fee.

The fee, in truth, is minimal and the ad will pay for itself, especially if you’re running highly effective ones made by a competent SEO agency. However, if you’re just starting, every penny counts because the cost of launching a business is not limited to ads.

Using SEO instead of PPC can help you save on money. Because SEO marketing is free, it’s the most sustainable advertising you can do to grow your BigCommerce business.

Don’t wait till you’re very established before you make use of PPC ads, though. PPC, used in conjunction with SEO, can produce extraordinary results. Just make sure you partner with an SEO company that can create a PPC strategy that uses the right keywords and that works for your budget.


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