8 ideas for marketing your partners online

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Many companies operating in B2B base their distribution and business development on an indirect network:

  • Resellers/distributors,
  • Prescribers,
  • Commercial agents,
  • Installers,
  • Franchisees,
  • Dealers…

One of the main commercial concerns of these companies will be to boost network sales. For this, many are implementing a “network animation strategy”.

It is in this context that the Internet proves to be a powerful tool. Many do not think about it, but logo designers near me have asked my web agency for concrete solutions to boost the commercial efficiency of a network.

Here is a summary of 8 ideas to boost the sales of its distributors, or save time and money for the company.

The basic concept; full web applications serve you on several levels

In a previous article on prejudices concerning San Diego web design firm, I mentioned in a first point that agency did not ONLY create websites.

Indeed, the website is only the visible part of a whole tangle of full web solutions, which will allow you to have a complete and integrated vision of your business.

Internet applications must therefore be conceived as an iceberg.

Website: this is only the visible part. The information is public, and accessible to all.

Extranet: you can give your visitors secure & personalized access to access dedicated information that is specific to them.

Intranet: Focused on internal communication, the intranet is a “portal” focused on internal company communication.

CRM: As an extension of your web activities – in direct contact with the market – you can integrate Customer Relationship Management applications. You log and centralize all your customer information, and use it intelligently to strengthen the commercial relationship with your prospects & customers.

ERP: After having sold, it will be necessary to produce and deliver. Full web ERP will allow you to manage all of your activities in a single system. The ERP is interconnected with your other applications, and thus retrieves information & data directly, without double entry.

You can articulate a powerful network animation strategy by building on each “floor” of the iceberg. Complete integration of these solutions will also allow you to automate a good part of the tasks.

Connect intermediaries & final demand

1 – Redistribute leads

Who wouldn’t love to be served new customers on a set? Everyone would love it!

Hunting new customers are becoming more and more expensive for your distributor. Why not help him? Why not impose your products as “the” solution to attract new customers?

Well used, the Internet can be a great lead generation tool; project detection, quote request, documentation request… End customer-oriented, a website can attract qualified & geolocated contacts.

You can then redistribute these business opportunities to your local partners, who will be happy to see that you bring business directly to them.

You thus increase your negotiating power over them,

and go beyond the status of a simple “supplier” to that of a “business facilitator”.

The truck bed manufacturer, CMB, uses this “business model”.

Thanks to the site’s excellent positioning in search engines, each month around thirty qualified contacts are redistributed to resellers.

This service is a real plus for the company when it comes to recruiting new resellers, and thus expanding its sales network. We offer top website design packages for our clients nationwide

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